About Us

Welcome to Gina Gambin, the home of quality comfort and couture. We have dresses to suit your personality and your style. A touch of class, a pinch of glamour, a frisson of suggestion. Gina offers you the choice, with unique pieces to suit all occasions.

For those who are new to our site, we are embarking on a journey in which we hope you will join us. We bring to you the best of fashion and style across the globe. From the Far East to the Americas and to Europe, not least to my own Italy. Our aim is to provide you with Quality, Class and Variety.

Future developments will include the very best in quality accessories and comfort items, including hand crafted scented candles to match your mood, pillow and room sprays made with essential oils, and organic bath salts.

We welcome your suggestions and comments and of course look forward to your custom.


Salute e Grazie,

Gina Gambin